The great amnesia

What if the church lost the Bible?  

Would it still be the church?

Crazy question, right? Ridiculous even. 

But is it farfetched? Not really, it has happened before.

In 2 Kings 22 King Josiah sends some workers into the temple to clean it up because it is in deep disrepair from years of neglect and when they are cleaning the temple out they find "the Book of the Law."

When it is read to Josiah he freaks out tearing his robes and responds, "great is the LORD's anger that burns against us because those who have gone before us have not obeyed the words of this book." (v. 13).

Essentially 2 Kings 22 tells the story of how Israel neglected the law for so long that they forgot it even existed!  

Israel literally forgot about the law.

They forgot the Bible.  It was the great amnesia.

In spite of all of this though, Josiah still thinks they are still God’s people.  Even though they had completely misplaced the law, they were still God’s people.

The fact that they retained their status, even though they completely forgot how they did so, opens up two rather critical questions for us.

What does it mean to be the people of God? And, how does the Bible help make us the people of God?

The answer is not quite as clear cut as one might think.  But it is a question worth asking, because if the people of God can forget about the Bible once they can forget about it again.