Platinum Business Builder program

($1500/month + ad spend)

Looking to grow a business to the next level? Maybe you are making a living, but you want to leave a legacy for your children. Bringing your business to the next level sometimes needs outside involvement to infuse new life in to something you've seen the same way a thousand times.

What do you get with the Platinum Business Builder program?

  • Same day email response to any question Monday-Friday
  • Weekly 30 minute 1-on-1 session with me to discuss your business, and what my team is doing to grow it.
  • Free access to my limitless traffic program.

What is included in the Platinum Business Builder program?

  1. Day-to-day management of the business
    1. Website management and upkeep
    2. Traffic generation
    3. Blog management
    4. Email auto responder management
    5. List segmentation
  2. Product creation and launch
    1. Product consulting
    2. Product launches
    3. Ghost writing
    4. Blogging
    5. Evergreen products
  3. access to the Limitless Traffic Program

I'll help you manage your individual coaching in any way you need.

You are the face of your business, but I am the invisible manager in the background. The whole goal is to allow you to have the benefits of a digital business without the stress of learning how to manage all of the different tools

Clients who have not gone through my business kickstart program may apply for special access to the Platinum Business Builder program.


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