A well-executed launch requires A LOT of sales copy.


  • Emails to prospects (to get them to click on your links)
  • 46-60 minutes of PLC video scripts
  • sales video
  •  And a sales page

If you want to have JV partners you also need multiple versions of swipe copy for your JV partners.

Are you equipped to do it all?

  • Can you write a sales script that makes people desperate to buy your product?
  • Do you know how to write an email so compelling they MUST click on the link?
  • Do your video scripts make their biggest fears so crystal clear that they will do anything (include buy your product) to get rid of the pain?
  • Does your sales copy transport your prospect into a blissful existence where the best decision they ever made was buying your product?

Ease your mind and simply your launch process by outsourcing your sales copy to a PLF expert who knows how to structure your message for maximum profits.