The cheapest and most effective way to transform your business is to make me your Complete On Demand Digital Marketing Manager.  My project rates are below.


Sales Funnel



o   Website hosting/design on your choice of platform

o   Landing page design

o   Email marketing platform setup

o   CRM setup

o   Shopping cart setup

o   Funnel integration

Copywriting and



o   Composing email sequence (9-12 emails)

o   Creating ad copy for Google or Facebook

o   Writing 3-piece PLC (8-12 minutes per video) PLC script

o   1 month split test ad copy

List Management



o   Weekly email content

o   Weekly followup with email unopens

o   List segmentation

o   1 month split testing email sequence

o   Seed launch management- $1,000

o   Quick launch management-$750

o   Internal launch management-$1000

o   JV launch- variable.

Product Launch Management