Lesson 8: Is God really just? (part 1)

Thus far, from Paul's discussion we know two things with certainty:

1. The law leads to sin and death

2. The law accomplished exactly what God intended it to do.

But, what does this say about God?

This scheme threatens to make God look like a vindictive and terrifying deity out to get us...

This lesson looks at Paul's answer to this question.



Lesson 7:Ouch that hurts

Have you ever had someone absolutely cut you apart with just their words?

Like, by the time they took a breath and you finally got a word in you were so stunned you couldn't say anything?

That is what this lesson talks about.

In this passage, Paul levels several accusations against Israel accusing them of not actually being the people they think they are.

And Paul, with his characteristic aggressive whit, does it in such a creative and surprising way that we just HAVE to stop and look at what he says here.

I am just glad this wasn't directed at me!

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Lesson 6: It isn't what you think it is

In this lesson we focus on the idea that paul's primary problem with Jews was that they didn't understand two things:

1. They didn't understand where the law was pointing

2. They didn't understand it's role now that the Messiah had come.

If you get this, then you begin to understand why Paul was so violently angry whenever someone tried to make gentile believers become law abiding Christians.

It also helps us understand what to make of the law as Christians (and how to read Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy).

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Lesson 5: The Revelation of God

This is the 2nd part of this lesson focusing on the end of Romans 1.

This time we get all "systematic" (systematic theology that is) and talk about the revelation of God.

Specifically, general vs. specific revelation.

Why did I need to talk about this? Because understanding this takes almost all the pressure off of you when you share your faith.

Who wouldn't want that?

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Lesson 4: Humanity outside of God

This is the first of a 2 part lesson on the end of Romans 1

Here we talk about the fate of humanity outside of God.

Also, we look into the strange but important connection between Romans 1 and Genesis 1

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Lesson 3: A foray into Faith

In this lesson we handle two very important concepts for the Apostle:

1. The faithful remnant (and how the Gentiles play a part in this)

2. The Role of faith (and how it helps us keep the law)

This is one of those lessons where we look briefly at two concepts which will come back in earnest later.

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Lesson 2: Who Is Jesus?


In this lesson we tackle a simple two word phrase that you have read countless times but that you probably never really thought that much about: Christ Jesus.

This phrase is actually VERY significant, and it tells us quite about about what Paul thinks about Jesus. 

So, in this lesson we take a deep dive into this seemingly simple phrase so see what is really going on.

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Lesson 1: Romans: An Introduction


The most important book in Christian history

This is the introduction to the book of Romans. In this lesson I discuss how the book of Romans is without a doubt the most important book in Christian history.  I discuss how Romans is so important on three accounts:

It is the most important work by the most important theologian in Christian history

it encapsulates nearly all of the critical theological themes in the Bible

It has shaped the course of the western world.

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